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  • 40 years experience tuning engines
  • Add 5-30% more power to most tractors, combines, choppers, etc.
  • We sell several brands of tuners and understand the benefits to each
  • Removable modules, custom ECU tuning, and pedal boxes are available
  • Contact any one of us at PowerFarmer, it doesn’t matter where you are

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Bryan Haugen

Eastern Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, Midwest
(320) 533-0190

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Larry Roed

Western Minnesota, North Dakota
(218) 431-1454

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Nick Harker

Michigan, Ohio, Eastern US
(547) 870-4437


Wayne Unrath

Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Midwest
(269) 325-3483

Adam Unrath

Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Midwest
(269) 325-3481