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DTE Systems

DTE Systems in Germany develops, produces, and sells high performance tuning products for cars, trucks, tractors and boats. The PowerControl for tractors plugs into connectors on the engine which increases engine power by up to 25% and also helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%. DTE’s other product, the PedalBox plugs into connectors on the accelerator pedal and shortens the reaction time of the throttle’s response which eliminates lag, increases acceleration speed and improves fuel consumption and is suitable for all vehicles with an electronic accelerator.

Our Differences Make Us Better
We at Powerfarmer have experience with many tuners on the market today and the DTE tuner is top quality.  With this product you can simply plug into existing wiring harnesses and safely add 25% more horsepower.  SIMPLE.  In addition to the product quality and simplicity, we can upconvert your DTE tuner to a different engine if you trade equipment for about $800.  This makes these tuners the most versatile on the market.  With the addition of a Bluetooth interface to change modes from your smart phone, you have total control.

Top quality parts such as heat resistant automotive fiberglass housings, high performance CPU’s (for real-time calculations) and OEM quality connector plugs.

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